About Us


Rooted in Christian Values, Northfield Retirement Community supports independence, dignity, and quality of life for the aging by providing innovative living options and services.

Vision Goals

Human Resources

We will attract and retain the talent necessary to care for those we serve.

Living Options

By 2020 we will increase the number of people we serve by 25% through maintaining, realigning, and growing our living and services options.


By 2020 we will acquire the financial resources necessary to care for those we serve.


  • Provide Compassionate support to all
  • Uphold the individual rights of residents and staff to live and work with honor and dignity
  • Recognize and respect staff and volunteers
  • Provide excellent service
  • Foster learning and innovation
  • Promote the highest professional standards
  • Be responsible financial stewards


To find out more about Northfield Retirement Community, take a look at our 2013 Community Update.