Church Partners

Northfield Retirement Community partners with 20 Christian congregations in the Cannon Valley area. Together, we strengthen each other’s ministry to seniors. Each partner church signs a covenant with Northfield Retirement Community, affirming the mutual understanding and commitment to provide for the needs of older adults. These needs are inherent in the mission of the Church and clearly expressed in NRC’s own mission statement.

NRC Logo Stained GlassNorthfield Retirement Community is a not-for-profit dedicated to the development of living environments and outreach services as works of love and mercy for aging individuals.

Corporate congregations are involved in the well-being of older adults through discussions about the development of programs, services and policies. Northfield Retirement Community works to expand and enrich the senior ministry in these churches.

Corporate congregations are integrally involved in fulfilling NRC’s goal of creating programming and services to meet the elderly where they are most comfortable–in their homes, their churches, and their communities.

To download a copy of the Statement of Covenant, click here.

Northfield Retirement Community’s Corporate Congregations

Bethel Lutheran, Northfield
St. Peter’s Lutheran, Northfield
St. John’s Lutheran, Northfield
Farmington Lutheran, Northfield
Solor Lutheran, Webster
Trondhjem Lutheran, Lonsdale
Christiania Lutheran, Lakeville
Dennison Lutheran, Dennison
Highview Christiania, Farmington
Trinity Lutheran, Northfield
St. Dominic’s Catholic, Northfield
First United Church of Christ (Congregational), Northfield
United Methodist, Northfield
All Saint’s Episcopal, Northfield
St. John’s Lutheran, Webster
Emmaus Baptist, Northfield
Main Street Moravian, Northfield
Castle Rock Methodist, Castle Rock
Little Prairie Methodist, Little Prairie
St. Mark’s Lutheran, Randolph