Quality of Care

Northfield Retirement Community recognizes the different needs of each individual we serve and offer a variety of options to meet those unique needs. We offer housing and living options that cater to different levels of care and income.  Residents receive services as needed and can expect all services to be provided in a caring and nurturing manner. NRC is committed to providing an environment where residents are comfortable and feel at home.

To meet the unique and wide variety of our residents’ needs, NRC listens and makes progressive and changes. The staff and board of NRC strive to find new and innovative ways to better serve our community. We are aware of the ever changing needs of our residents and strive to continue improvements in services and facility expansion on an unprecedented scale.

If you’d like to arrange a personal tour, just Contact Us¬†and we’ll make sure that you are personally escorted by a member of our staff who can show you the many benefits of being a part of our family.