Keeping Fit at NRC

Keeping fit is easy at NRC. Our up-to-date Fountain Fitness Center is complete with weight training machines, treadmill, exercise bicycle and Nustep™ recumbent bike. Or try your hand at the electronic Nintendo Wii, complete with bowling, golf, tennis, and boxing. A fitness professional is on-hand to give you specific suggestions and instructions for keeping fit and active.

Regular fitness and exercise classes are offered in all areas of our campus. Individual fitness training is available for an additional fee.

We have an extensive system of walking paths on our campus and access to the nearby campus of St. Olaf College. It’s easy to walk with a view of the woods; flowers and landscaping that are close to your residence.

Outdoor exercises are also a highlight of your fitness regimen.  You can walk the trails of the campus and work out on the many stations of the Life Trail™ system, the first one of its kind in the state of Minnesota.

Brain fitness is a part of total body and mind fitness. At NRC we offer the Dakim Brain Fitness system, an individualized touchscreen computerized system to challenge and strengthen brain function.