Care Services

Northfield Retirement Community recognizes the different needs of each individual it serves and offers a variety of options to meet their unique needs. We offer housing and living options that cater to different levels of care and income. Residents are able to receive services as needed and can expect all services to be provided in a caring manner. NRC is committed to providing an environment where residents are comfortable and feel at home.

Care Services


Committed to a Code of Ethics

code of ethics sealNRC is proud to have adopted Leading Age of Minnesota’s Code of Ethics. Providers that have adopted the Leading Age of Minnesota Housing-with-Services Code of Ethics strive to create a culture of mutual respect, understanding and trust with the people they serve and those who support them.

Services Offered at Northfield Retirement Community

Rehabilitation Care – These services enable residents to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. Rehabilitation provides residents with the tools they need to attain independence. Rehabilitation includes Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.

Spiritual Care – Recognizing the importance of religious beliefs to the aging, full-time spiritual care services are offered to meet the spiritual needs of all residents and to support our mission to family members, and employees. NRC has both on-site Pastoral Care and a Parish Nurse at work in the community, providing one-on-one and group services. All denominations and faiths are respected and supported at Northfield Retirement Community.

Home Care – Home care includes nursing services, personal services, nutritional services, and up-keep services. Home care services are provided by our licensed, class A home care agency. These services are also available off-campus in the greater Northfield community.

Respite Care – “Respite” refers to short term, temporary care and can be used when a caregiver needs a break from the daily routine or goes on vacation; and/or when it is not possible for the person to go directly home after a hospital or nursing home stay.  Short Term Stay refers to a stay in any of our on-campus Housing locations for less than one month.

Assistive Remote Monitoring Care – This non-intrusive method of monitoring consists of wireless sensors placed throughout the apartment to detect contact and movement by the resident. By sensing whether a resident is opening their kitchen cabinets or refrigerator, or lying in bed, or moving about the room, staff and family members can check for safety concerns while maintaining a resident’s sense of privacy and integrity. Information from the sensors is relayed to a secure web portal and viewed privately on computers located at the nursing station and in family homes. This new tool assists staff and family members by ensuring a response to falls and by recording data on eating habits and other healthcare issues.