Assistive Technology

Northfield Retirement Community is committed to offering seniors the best available services to keep you living a safe and healthy lifestyle whether you live on our campus or in the greater Northfield community.  We have combined our excellent care services with the innovative Healthsense eNeighbor® system to provide an unmatched level of care to meet your needs.

On-Campus- Assistive Remote Monitoring through Healthsense is available in all Assisted Living Housing and optional in Independent Living Housing throughout the NRC campus

Off-Campus- Assistive Remote Monitoring through Healthsense is available to you in the privacy of your own home.

Off Campus Installation

A one-time installation fee will apply. Included in this fee, a registered nurse will visit the client to gather medical information and history, and to educate the client and/or family member to the Healthsense services.  Discussion of the needs of the individual with client and/or family members will determine the recommended system.  The equipment will be ordered, when the sensors/monitors are delivered, a staff person from Northfield Retirement Community will call to set up an installation date and time that is convenient for client/family.  Internet service is required to do installation.  Client and/or family member needs to be aware of internet options in your area.

Service Descriptions

  • Daily “I’m Okay” Check- An automated call is set up to call the resident to assure they answer the phone, this will prompt the resident to “press 1 to accept this call.”  If the resident does not answer the phone, or does not press 1, the automated call system will initiate a call to the designated person.
  • Personal Emergency Response System(PERS)- Wearable emergency pendant to summon assistance when you need it.
  • PERS Plus- One personal emergency response pendant plus one motion or contact or bed sensor.  This will allow an alert to be initiated on the extra sensor if needed.
  • Full eNeighbor Kit-  emergency pendant with 10 additional in-home sensors. Provides tracking to Activities of Daily Living (ADL) as well as fall detection. Reports changes in eating, sleeping, toileting, etc.
  • Safety Alert- Notifications sent to staff to alert them of someone leaving their apartment during unusual hours, someone getting out of bed without assistance (if they need assistance with getting out of bed), and/or motion detection.

Responder Options

You choose who provides assistance to you when your eNeighbor system detects that you might need help.  Calls can be made to family, friends, neighbors, or anyone you choose.  You are in control.

Friends and Family Responder Option

You select friends and family members to act as your primary responders in the event that the eNeighbor system detects you might need assistance.  You pay no additional charge beyond the base monthly rate.  The ParkView Home Care staff can provide back up support if your friends and family responders cannot assist or cannot be located, however an Emergency Response Fee will apply. 

Web Portal Access

The family member can view through a secure web portal.  You will see easy to interpret charts of activity that lets you know that your loved one is safe and secure, any time of the day or night.