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Work That Matters

NRC team members serve in a variety of meaningful capacities that meet the unique needs of residents, care for them in ways that matter, and support NRC’s mission. We also have a variety of volunteer positions available for those looking to give their time and talents.

Volunteer Options

Icon Assisted OrangeResident Aides

Our resident aides (RAs) assist residents of our assisted living and home care facilities in their daily living, and may provide some administrative support. In addition to helping with everyday needs, RAs also support recreational and social activities while assisting residents who have limited mobility by helping them walk or escorting them in their wheelchairs.

Building Relationships

Becoming an RA is rewarding and truly serves seniors in their day-to-day lives. As a result of their work, RAs create relationships with residents, make personal connections and have the opportunity to make lasting positive impacts in the lives of residents.

Career Building

Starting as an RA can be a great introduction into the senior care field. Preferred candidates for resident aide positions have their NAR/HHA (home health aide) certification, but NRC is willing to provide free training.

Icon Care OrangeCertified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

Our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) provide hands-on nursing care and daily task assistance for residents of our Care Center. CNAs also often retrieve vital signs, weights and height measurements.

Gaining Medical Experience

Becoming a CNA is good preparation for a career in nursing or long-term care and discovering more about the medical field. The critical work that nursing assistants perform supports those residents who require assistance and creates meaningful relationships with them in the process. CNAs play a key role in residents’ lives through their daily interactions and care.


In order to work in our care center, nursing assistants need to earn their CNA license. Preferred candidates will already have this certification, but NRC offers regular training classes to those who do not. The training is free if you commit to working at NRC at the completion of the class, and you can get paid while you attend the month-long session.

Icon Dining OrangeCulinary Support

Our culinary aides assist in the preparation of food for residents. Working alongside the cooks to prepare meals, culinary aides assist in kitchen clean-up, serving, transporting and the set up as well as the removal of dishes from dining areas. They also deliver meals to residents' rooms and restock inventory of food or kitchen supplies.

Caring for Others Through Food Service

As a culinary aide, you learn skills that focus on detail and instruction. Additionally, by making personal connections with the residents you serve, you’ll develop compassion and patience and learn about caring for others.

Icon CareTraining & Education

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