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A Boo-tiful Exhibit of Care

Posted on November 07, 2017

Like so many of us, the Norgaard family has deep and lasting connections to Northfield Retirement Community (NRC). Karin has worked as a Registered Nurse at NRC for 9 years and also serves aging adults as our Housing Care Coordinator. Karin’s husband, Brett, a thoughtful, creative caregiver in his own right, has contributed to NRC in many meaningful ways over the years a volunteer.

How It All Began

Ten years ago, Brett had a few unexpected days off while recovering from a surgery. Rather than sleeping the days away, Brett – a lover of literature – spent his doctor-ordered “do nothing” time intensely memorizing works written by Robert Service. Brett’s repertoire has now grown to more than 10 memorized pieces. Each year, family and friends gather around fall and winter bonfires to hear Brett recite the poems. “Brett is an incredible storyteller, and this is a way that he connects with others though his talents,” Karin explains.

One of Brett’s other hobbies is creating ice luminaries. After years of research and befriending others who specialize in working with ice, Brett can easily build a luge at the family cabin and create intricate pieces of ice art that often decorate local winter events and weddings.

A Treat for Residents and Guests

Just in time for Halloween, Brett recited The Cremation of Sam McGee on the NRC Campus in the Parkview Dining Room. To help set the tone, he brought ice luminaries from his home collection to share with NRC residents. S’mores were served, and enjoyment was had by everyone.

Why It's Important

“Volunteers like Brett are key difference-makers in our community. Life at NRC is vibrant because of volunteers’ unique contributions and our team’s intentional focus on creating a residential community that is open, welcoming and integrated with the Northfield community as a whole.”

– Milosha Malecha, NRC Volunteer Coordinator

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