Charles Carrying Shirley

A Warm NRC "Welcome Home"

Posted on September 06, 2017

Twenty-three years ago, Charles Anderson carried his wife Shirley over the threshold of their newly purchased home in Red Wing. Last month, he did the same thing – this time over the threshold of their new ParkView West apartment at Northfield Retirement Community. With moving assistance from four generations (including their great, great grandkids!) Charles and Shirley were able to make a smooth transition to NRC.

“NRC is a new start for us,” says Charles. “We were on the waiting list for over a year, and we are very pleased to be here now.”

Charles and Shirley are globe trekkers, having traveled extensively in 80 countries on all seven continents. However, their journey to Northfield – all 38 miles of it – is just as special. Strong ties bring Charles and Shirley to Northfield. The move returns the couple back to Shirley’s hometown as well as the church where she was confirmed and the couple was married over 60 years ago. Additionally, Charles and Shirley both studied at St. Olaf College, where they met on a blind date. Charles is a retired pastor, having served for 45 years in five congregations and four synod offices in three different Lutheran synods. Shirley is a retired nurse. 

Although the two graduated from St. Olaf in 1956, their involvement with the college didn’t stop then. Charles and Shirley received St. Olaf College’s Distinguished Service Award in 2010, recognizing the Andersons for their Grandparent Ministry, where the couple has served as adoptive grandparents to hundreds of Oles since the 80s. In this new phase of life, the couple plans to continue their involvement with St. Olaf.

“We were ready to downsize and live simply,” Charles says. “NRC is the perfect place for this chapter of our lives.” Donors like you ensure NRC is a wonderful place to call “home.”
- Charles Anderson, ParkView West resident

Donors like you ensure NRC is a wonderful place to call “home.” Thank you for your support!