St Dominic School Students 1

St. Dominic School Partnership Brings Smiles Long After the Holiday Season

Posted on December 04, 2017

Northfield Retirement Community finds mutual benefit in building strong and lasting relationships with community members and organizations that share our core values. One such partner is St. Dominic School.

Every January, eighth grade students at St. Dominic School travel on a mission trip to help others, most recently serving in an orphanage in San Antonio, Texas, and helping the less fortunate in Maltrata, Mexico. Moved by the natural disasters and storms that have ravaged our country recently, this year’s students have requested to travel to Miami to work with hurricane relief ministries.

In addition to a host of fundraising activities students engage in throughout the community, NRC supports their mission trip by offering a gift of thanks for students’ assistance in decorating the NRC campus for Christmas. Every year, we look forward to their presence, and our residents delight in seeing the students work cheerfully and diligently to hang holiday banners and twinkly lights around campus.

Anna Tritch, a recent graduate of St. Dominic School, said, “Decorating at NRC was a fun way to start the holiday season. I enjoyed talking with the residents and seeing their excitement as we decorated. It was nice to come back after the trip and thank everyone for the opportunity and to share information about the mission trip with them.” 

Following the missionary work, the students visit NRC residents and host a presentation of their trip. Students share photos and stories about their experiences helping others. Conversations between the students and residents are incredibly lively and rich – each has something to share with one another.

It’s partnerships like this that make NRC so special. Shared experiences, like NRC’s partnership with St. Dominic School, add an important and meaningful dimension to life at NRC.

This story is from the December 2017 issue of Northfield Retirement Community's newsletter, NRC Insights. Read the full issue here.