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Technology Expands Options for "Aging in Place"

Posted on April 05, 2017

“I want to stay right here in my home.” That’s a wish many people express when the topic of making the move to a senior services community comes up. Their families may wonder how to ensure Grandpa stays safe, and if a crisis occurs – a fall, a sudden illness – staying at home may no longer be possible.

One way to make the home aging-friendly and stretch available resources further is assistive technology, available for a modest investment compared to that of in-home care or assisted living. Technology from providers such as HealthSense® (now known as GreatCall®) and GrandCare™ can make living at home safer and alert family members promptly if something is wrong. 

Capabilities of Today’s Systems:

  • Wireless monitors that sense whether Grandpa is moving around the home as usual
  • Digital health sensors that alert caregivers if Grandma’s wellness readings fall out of the healthy range
  • Morning greetings, medication prompts and other reminders

Acting before a crisis occurs can make all the difference for successful aging at home.