Green Plant And Air Vent

Investing in Cleaner Air

As part of its commitment to creating a healthy and safe-as-possible environment for residents, staff and visitors, Northfield Retirement Community (NRC) has invested in a new UV air-handling solution to help promote cleaner, healthier air on the NRC campus.

Due to their nature, HVAC systems distribute pollutants throughout buildings – something that is of particular concern during a global pandemic in which virus is spread through the air. Since they are responsible for air distribution and circulation, HVAC systems are also a good place to put forth efforts toward cleaning the air, removing odors and contaminants, and killing germs, viruses and mold.

The solution being invested in uses UVC technology, or an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) lamp, a trusted method used in hospitals, water treatment facilities and food and beverage industries, to kill germs and control allergens as they move through air ducts. This high-intensity, non-chemical treatment kills microorganisms that spread throughout a building – without posing a threat to people, equipment or the indoor environment. 

“As part of our dedication to providing innovative care and a healthy environment, it was important to invest in a solution that could contribute to widespread improvement during this crucial time,” says Kyle Nordine, President and CEO of NRC. “We are all breathing this air, so it impacts everyone. We want better air to start here.” 

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, directly exposing a virus to a UVGI lamp destroys the outer protein coating of the virus, ultimately leading to the inactivation of the virus.

“Typically, HVAC air-handling equipment is designed with an air exchange rate of .35 per hour. This equates to a full air exchange of the treated space every three hours or eight times per day," says Eric Haines, Director of Environmental Services at NRC and Licensed General Contractor. "The UVGI lamps help us battle the enemies 24/7 in an effort to keep our residents and employees safe.”