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Advance Your Career

Registered nursing assistants (NARs) require a special certification to work in a skilled nursing facility. Anyone 15 years of age or older can register to complete our program. Courses are held on the Northfield Retirement Community campus.

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About the Certification

Registered nursing assistants (NARs) are critical to the success of our care team. Nursing assistants can use this hands-on experience to prepare themselves for future jobs in healthcare. Many schools accept this work experience as course credit.

NARs care for patients and assist registered nurses in day-to-day activities, including:

  • Residents' daily tasks
  • Bathing, grooming and feeding residents
  • Medical checkups and procedures
  • Administrative duties

Upcoming Course Dates

Our educational classes are temporarily on hiatus since we cannot host visitors on our campus. We will resume offering classes when the public health climate permits. Stay healthy!

Paid Training Program

  • Free for newly-hired or long-term NRC employees
  • Flexible, varying course lengths, lasting three weeks or six weeks
  • Two components: classroom and clinical
  • Taught by NRC's award-winning care team; curriculum approved by the Minnesota Department of Health
  • Plenty of hands-on learning experiences
  • Prepares you to take the state Nursing Assistant Registry exam

After passing the exam, you may begin work as a nursing assistant at NRC.