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Registered nursing assistants (NARs) require a special certification to work in a skilled nursing facility. Anyone 15 years of age or older can register to complete our program. Courses are held on the Northfield Retirement Community campus. For questions, email  , RN, Vice President Community Health Services, or call 507-664-7353.

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About the Certification

Registered nursing assistants (NARs) are critical to the success of our care team. Nursing assistants can use this hands-on experience to prepare themselves for future jobs in healthcare. Many schools accept this work experience as course credit. 

NARs care for patients and assist registered nurses in day-to-day activities, including:

  • Residents' daily tasks
  • Bathing, grooming and feeding residents
  • Medical checkups and procedures
  • Administrative duties

Upcoming Course Dates

July 29-August 15, 2019
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
Registration Deadline: July 15, 2019
Cost: $850

September 30–October 31, 2019
Monday–Thursday, 4–8 p.m.
Registration Deadline: September 16, 2019
Cost: $850

Paid Training Program

  • Free for newly-hired or long-term NRC employees
  • Flexible, varying course lengths, lasting three weeks or six weeks
  • Two components: classroom and clinical
  • Taught by NRC's award-winning care team; curriculum approved  by the Minnesota Department of Health
  • Plenty of hands-on learning experiences
  • Prepares you to take the state Nursing Assistant Registry exam

After passing the exam, you may begin work as a nursing assistant at NRC.

Register Now

After you complete your registration, you will need to fill out this form and bring it to our office to complete your background check.