Northfield Manor Residents

We Need Your Voice

Advocating for aging adults and their caregivers is of critical importance and aligns with our mission to support independence, dignity and quality of life for the aging. If you want to improve public policy on behalf of the aging, you can contact your legislator, stay up-to-date on current issues, attend events and more.

Become an Advocate

Issues of Importance

Three of the issues Northfield Retirement Community and our advocates at LeadingAge Minnesota are most concerned about during the upcoming legislative session are:

  • A new reimbursement system for Elderly Waiver Reform
  • Phase 2 of Value-Based Reimbursement for Care Centers
  • Elevating the profession of caregiver for recruitment and retention of employees
MN State Capitol

Senior Advocacy Resources

Senior advocacy resources, like LeadingAge Minnesota, make it easy to stay current on the issues facing older adults and provide opportunities to get involved. By advocating together on behalf of aging adults, we can collectively shape the future of aging services and ensure seniors in every community live with dignity, meaning and purpose.